About our products

All Sunshades, Awnings and Canopies manufactured are made to your own personal requirements, and should you require any sign writing this can be incorporated at the time of manufacturing.


Traditional sunshades are manually operated by the use of a pull down pole, simple but effective.


Awnings can be manual or electric operation. Should you choose electric there is a range of sensors which can be fitted for electric operation.


Canopies come in a range of shapes, some have a fixed frame and others can be retractable.


The materials used on both domestic and commercials are the same.


If you have an existing blind in poor condition you may not have to renew it, why not refurbish and recover it?  This can be done at a fraction of the cost of a new Sunshade, Awning or Canopy.


There are three different covering materials used for canopies:-

  • Wetlook which is stretched over the frame for use with fixed frame only
  • Acrylic and a flexible PVC for use with retractable frames
  • Awning - can be covered with both Acrylic and PVC

All Awnings can have generic sign writing or your personal logo incorporated.


Montgomery Blinds & Awning is a full member of the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA)